Our Mission

Bal Gopal - Lord Krishna and Cows
Cows in India are considered as a motherly figure and is worshipped by all. The cow was possibly revered
because Hindus relied heavily on it for dairy products and for tilling the fields, and on cow dung as a source of fuel and fertilizer. Thus, the cow’s status as a 'caretaker' led to identifying it as an almost maternal figure (hence the term gau mata). Even lord Krishna has been depicted as a cowherd Bala Gopala, "the child who protects the cows."
In todays society, cows are milked by the dairy farms. The cows provide milk for upto 8 years in their life and after that they go milk dry. In other countries cattle is slaughtered for beef / leather but in India Cows are worshipped. The dairy farmers (milkmen) in India are often poor and are unable to afford the milk dry cows and they so often let them loose on the streets. These stray cattle are major hurdles on the Indian city roads and leads to a lot of accidents. Instead of being worshipped our Gaumata leads a very bad life in the end days.
The aim and mission of our Gaushala ( under guidance of Mata Mansa Devi Shrine board) is the following :
1. Capture all stray cattle from the cities with the assistance of the Municipal Corporation of the City.
2. Treat the captured cattle of wounds, diseases and ingested polythene.
3. Manage, feed and take care of the orphaned / sick cattle.
4. To make the city and surrounding areas stray cattle free.
5. To build a very hygienic, innovative and top class gaushala by implementing latest methodologies.
6. To utilize cow urine and cow dung for gobar gas and vermi-compost.
7. To create a place where cows can be worshipped and people can perform Gaudaan and Gau-Poojan.